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5 C's to Resolve Parent-Teen Conflict

 The following tips can be useful in helping to resolve parent-teen conflict:
  •  Choices- When offering choices, you are providing your  teen with the opportunity to enhance their decision making skills. In doing so, however, be certain that the choices are appropriate for your teen given his/her developmental age and abilities. Also provide choices that you as the parent are wiling to accept.
  • Consequences- Apply consequences that are consistent with the decisions enacted by your teen.  It is helpful to make consequences known in writing  for any family or school  rule violations to make expectations clear and reduce arguments.
  • Consistency- Consistency is key. When applying consequences, interacting with your teen, making promises, etc., be consistent!
  • Calmness- Avoid yelling, arguing with your teen! Be clear, concise, and succint. Maintain a calm demeanor at all times to reduce power struggles.
  • Compassion- As their parent, you are also your teens support. Compassion is an important element in resolving conflict. Your teen needs to know that you as their parent cares for him/her. Offering compassionate responses reinforces your love for your teen. 

It is recommended that you talk with your psychotherapist in depth about how to best utilize these tips.