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Welcome to the field of professional counseling! As you begin your journey into this prestigious group of professionals, as an intern, you may experience many questions such as: what’s next; what theoretical approach should I use; what are my ethical obligations; what type of client/populations do I prefer to work with; what do I consider to be my specialty/area of interest; where do I want to work (i.e., private practice, hospital setting, government setting, non-profit agency, etc.); etc.? These are just some of the questions an intern may have. Supervision is designed to help you sharpen your ability to conceptualize and conduct effective assessments of your clients; employ clear and appropriate treatment planning; clearly define your theoretical approach to counseling; delineate populations with which you desire to work; learn and deliver ethical therapeutic treatment modalities; discuss fears and or concerns regarding doing this type of work; answer any questions you may have concerning this field and type of work; etc.








I deliver thought-provoking, engaging, and interactive individual supervision that provides support, encouragement, and challenges you to grow professionally and personally. My diverse experience includes working for managed care organizations, non-profit agencies, child placing agency/foster care, faith-based organizations, criminal justice system (deferred adjudicated substance abusers), and private practice.







My areas of interest include spirituality/faith-based concerns, trauma/abuse, couples/marriage/relationship,  anxiety, depression, grief/loss, parent-child conflict, family issues, work-related stress, alcohol/substance abuse, and chronic illness. My therapeutic approach is holistic and humanistic. I use a variety of treatment modalities that are specific to each client’s needs. I work with adolescents and adults and provide individual, couple, family and group therapy as well as consultations and retreats.







I look forward to guiding and supervising you as you ascend toward reaching your goal as a fully Licensed Professional Counselor!





Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 877-723-7282 for information on how you can receive supervision from me.