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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains




  • Feeling overwhelmed, taken advantage of, manipulated, and/or discounted?
  • Ever wonder if your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, or feelings matter?
  • Do you typically find it difficult to set boundaries, say “no”  to others?
  • Do you ask yourself Who Am I? Who have I become?
  • Have difficulty trusting others, expressing feelings, or just talking to others?

You are not alone! Whether you are in a relationship with a spouse, significant other, family member, colleague, friend, etc., everyone has experienced  moments of self-doubt, which can result in self-degradation, alienation, and isolation. You can truly become what you choose to be despite the past hurts, pains, and heartache. Your past is NOT the indicator of your future. The great news is, you are at the right place to begin the transformational journey toward restoration, reconciliation, and renewal!

To begin your courageous journey and start to discover what is possible, call 877-393-9695 to schedule your appointment.

Now more than ever, it is important to be able to access quality care. To that end, we offer in-house financing, which allows for affordable, monthly payments to use to pay for your sessions. For more information or to apply, just select Parasail.