Therapeutic Approach

Ultimately, my clinical practice is focused on your possibilities—possibilities for healing, possibilities for growth, possibilities for transformation, possibilities for insight, possibilities for restoration, possibilities for recovery, and possibilities for resiliency.

The most central ideas in my work include the following:

  • Challenging and difficult times in our lives afford us opportunities to learn. If we get “stuck” viewing them merely as “problems,” it is very likely that we will duplicate those difficult times repeatedly and feel like a failure for doing so.
  • We all have a purpose for what we do—the choices we make mean something.
  • We take our experiences, faith, and tradition/culture gathered from childhood (along with the lessons learned from those experiences, faith, tradition/culture) into our adulthood. Oftentimes, as adults, we need to unlearn or what I prefer to term re-record some of those faulty lessons/tapes in order to gain more effective strategies for coping with the vicissitudes of life.
  • The more time we spend on focusing on “problem talk,” the more time we spend in the midst of the problem; and conversely, the more time we spend focusing on “solution talk,” the more time we spend in the midst of the solution.

My goal as a counselor is not to provide advice or give my thoughts on what you are to do; my goal is to guide you in finding your own solutions and possibilities to the challenges you are currently facing.

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